Kiosked Product Tour

Incremental Revenues

Create new revenue streams by turning your content into premium advertising real estate. Kiosked is the most
advanced and scalable platform for
in-content advertising.

Give people what they want, when they want it,
in the form they want it.

Kevin Spacey

Superior performance

Target your audience with relevant ads and maximise viewability with Kiosked's ad serving technology. Kiosked powerfully combines high fill rates with proprietary semantic and behavioral targeting algorithms to maximise performance.

Always in control

Get started with automatic content monetization on any device.Kiosked supports programmatic buying of all standard IAB display, video and mobile ad units. All ad units are controlled through a single script and a real-time dashboard.


"Kiosked was clearly upbeating the competition and we decided to expand Kiosked across the
entire network".

Grant Brown,
Chief Revenue Officer
& Co-founder, Rant.Inc