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Kiosked is a global publisher monetization platform that leads the way to a new era in digital advertising. Kiosked generates new revenue opportunities for publishers with highly viewable, dynamic, and contextually relevant ad placements. Kiosked is the first company to launch programmatically traded 360° ad formats for immersive digital advertising. Headquartered and founded in Helsinki, Finland, today Kiosked has offices in North America, Asia Pacific, and EMEA.

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Press Releases

7. October, 2016
Kiosked Co-founder Antti Pasila Named Chief Executive Officer
21. September, 2016
Kiosked Names Hope Frank As CMO. The Forbes Top 50 CMO Joins Publisher Platform To Lead Global Expansion
20. September, 2016
Kiosked Receives Platform of the Year Honors at IMPACT Awards Held by the Internet Marketing Association in Las Vegas
27. July, 2016
Kiosked Launches Industry-First Saas Platform For Multi-Format In-Content Placements At Future Of Publishing And Monetization Summit
25. July, 2016
Kiosked Continues Growth In Apac With New Advertising Manager For Australia New Zealand
23. June, 2016
First Programmatic 360° Advertising Campaign in Asia Pacific Hong Kong Airlines Landmark Launch by Kiosked and MEC
20. June, 2016
Kiosked 360 Panorama Experiences Launches At Cannes Lions
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