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Kiosked aims to elevate the value of digital advertising for all, which is why we offer access to a variety of materials that help you navigate your way in programmatic advertising. Download digital advertising guides, infographics, and one pagers on the Kiosked offering – all for free!

Kiosked Media Card

Highly viewable, high-performing: download the Kiosked Media Card.

Kiosked Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics to power your business,
learn more.

Kiosked Video Ads

Get to know the Kiosked video offering.

Kiosked Placements and Ad Units

Kiosked ad units and placements, see them
all here.

Kiosked Ad Viewability

Learn about ad viewability, download the infographic.

Kiosked Global Performance

Key figures: see how Kiosked is doing globally.

Kiosked In-Scroll Ad Unit

How does the In-Scroll placement work? Read all about it here.

Kiosked Interstitial Ad Unit

Guaranteed views with a full-screen an unit.
Read more.